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Why Counselling?

Sometimes life throws a 'curve ball' at us and creates a specific problem or perhaps it's a general feeling of not being yourself — just feeling 'low'. Possibly you feel that talking to friends and family isn't enough — or that you'll feel judged. You may feel that there isn't anyone you can turn to — if this sounds familiar, maybe talking to a qualified counsellor will help.

I am a professional counsellor who is experienced in working with a wide range of different issues and who listens empathetically and objectively. I don't offer direct advice or judge, but I will help you to gain greater understanding — and make sense — of what is happening.

Counsellors are trained in various models of theory and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) can advise you on the range of approaches available. This may help you to decide which particular approach may help you best. It's good to talk is a useful link if you are considering therapy for the first time.  There is also significant evidence to suggest that talking therapies can improve mental health.  The BACP has produced a useful summary of some of the key findings.

My approach is psychodynamic. This involves us working together to uncover the less conscious aspects of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, so that you can come to understand yourself more fully. This greater insight should help you to make long-lasting changes so that you can lead a more fulfilled life.  I would encourage anyone who is looking for a practitioner to seek support from those registered with one of the main professional bodies such as BACP,  UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council). 

Please contact me for a free informal discussion:  07876 - 491- 497

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